Black material and Coffee Sack Messenger Bag.



Welcome to Bag-A-Poncho. We mainly sew Messenger Bags. We are not going to sew Ponchos and Capes anymore, but when there is a demand for it, we will consider the ssewing of these items again. We love sewing and therefor you will see other items also like Scrappy Totes, Mug Rugs, Coasters and a lot more. We are also busy with the sewing of some soft baby toys.

Please visit our website frequently to see what we are up to here at BAG-A-PONCHO. To see items we sold and the items available to buy, please look at our Product Gallery and Items for sale The Messenger Bags are available in different sizes  Small Messenger Bag,   Medium Messenger Bag, Large Messenger Bag and Extra Large Messenger Bag. We can also make bigger sizes for a Laptop Bag, but to make this size of bag, the customer must provide us with the correct measurements of the bag required.

The best feature of our Messenger Bags is that there are enough pockets inside the Bag for your purse, cellphone and ID book and then there is a pocket where an iPad, Tablet or small Laptop can fit in. Men love the Small Messenger Bag, but it is also a favorite for ladies that want to carry a small bag around. We sell the Messenger Bags with flaps out of recycled coffee sacks at Higland Coffee Roastery.

We have no finished Messenger Bags at home. But rest assure we make Messenger Bags on order.Go and have a look on the page Product Gallery at the bags we already sold. If you want to order a bag (for example Medium Messenger Bag with a flap from a recycled coffee sack and “body” out of denim)  you can do so. We place a high premium on quality in contrast to today’s mass-produced items. Because we have no other people working for us, the quantities of items are limited, but when an item leaves this house, we are both satisfied that it conforms to our personal, demanding quality standards. I

f you want a specific design on the flap (coffee sack), you can send us the design and Johan will have a look at it. Depending on the complexity of the design. we will add a little to the final price of the bag.

Please feel free to contact us by using our contact form.

If you are interested in purchasing a bag, please visit the page How to purchase a bag.

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