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    Who we are

    Welcome to BAG-A-PONCHO, run by Johan and Susan Combrinck. We are situated in the beautiful town of Clarens (Free State) in South Africa.

    • BAG-A-PONCHO started as a small home-based business around April of 2009.  We felt that the name had to reflect our line of products and we brainstormed the name over coffee at a local spot. Even though we were already doing a lot of sewing, producing a variety of bags and other products, it was during April and May of 2009 that  the first Ponchos bearing this name were sewn. During 2010 we started sewing Capes.
      After a few changes, the Messenger Bags were produced since the second quarter of 2012.
      Most men do not carry a bag of any kind, so we decided to make a bag that they can carry around without looking girly. The shape of the bags especially the Mini Messenger Bag and Small Messenger Bag or Man Bag is such that they are very much a unisex item and can be used by ladies and men alike. This added to the popularity of the Messenger Bag once we got them to market. Another feature of the bags that made it more acceptable for men is a sleeve sewn into the back panel of the bags to make it hold an iPad, Samsung Galaxy or other tablet computer.
      We have a great passion for sewing. We couldn’t imagine life without the opportunity to create something amazing and useful to others.


    Highland Coffee Roastery!

    Coffee – one of life’s little pleasures that’s still legal to enjoy at any time. After all, the pleasing pick-me-up we get from a dose of caffeine is the result of a drug-like reaction, and coffee is a drug to me. The chocolaty-brown, velvet-skinned allure of a batch of perfectly roasted beans; the intoxicating aroma of fresh coffee grounds ready to be brewed; the wine-like complexity of an exquisite espresso; and the satisfying lift a short while after are each as attractive to me in my whole coffee enjoyment experience. Coffee is a ritual, a pleasure and a tool to me. I accept and acknowledge my addiction and embrace it and use it with open arms.

    Maluti Footprints and Tours

    Maluti Footprints and Tours is nestled in the heart of Clarens. They specialize in tours to Lesotho - cultural tours into Lesotho or a relaxing getaway in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho . During the winter season (June to end August) they also take visitors to Afriski Ski Resort Lesotho.